What is a Dash?

Winter Water Dash is an event that will allow students, coaches and parents involved with competitive robotics to share their message with the public in a controlled, fun, and exciting way.


What to expect when you attend a Dash.

Spectators at a Dash should expect to learn about competitive robotics and the accomplishments of the robotic teams. They should also expect to see children and adults making responsible choices around COLD water which may include getting a little wet. Lastly, they will see safety personnel who are present and attentive to the participant’s needs. Safety personnel will increase the level of participant safety, teach about the effects of COLD water, and encourage responsible interactions with COLD water.


Safety precautions at a Dash.

Safety for our participants is at the forefront of these public events. All Dash events will have nearby locations for participants to get warm and dry if needed! All Dash events will have safety personnel present. 
Open water at a Dash event will not be deep, as it is NEVER the intent of a Dash event to encourage a participant to engage in needlessly dangerous situations. 
A Dash is:
  • an event that takes place around COLD water.
  • an opportunity for participants (children included) to experience the thrill of COLD water by getting a bit wet without needing to fully plunge or submerse large parts of their body.
  • an opportunity for children on robotic teams to share their excitement for competitive robotics with the public.
  • an opportunity to teach children and adults about the danger of COLD water and how to make responsible choices.


A Dash is not:

  • a double-dog-dare to force a child or adult to engage in extremely risky behavior.
  • a jump into COLD water that would force the submersion of large parts of a child’s or adult’s body.
  • about how wet a child or adult will get.


Thank you for your support of competitive robotics programs and we look forward to your future involvement with a Winter Water Dash event.